About us

Northwest Career Colleges Idaho is a passionate and effective advocate for private career colleges and schools in Idaho. For the past 15 years, we have partnered with the Northwest Career Colleges Federation in Washington and have represented the interests of hundreds of member institutions, their leadership, their faculties, and thousands of students served by members. Effective August 1, 2018, each state (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) established independent non-profit status and now focuses more specifically on the needs of that state. Each state will continue, however, to support each other through collaboration and common goals.

We believe that career education is essential to the state’s economy and makes an enormously positive contribution to hundreds of graduates entering the job market with the valuable skills, education, and training attained from attending our member schools.

How we make a difference

NWCCI provides a range of valuable services, including:

  • Advocacy in state and federal governments for private career colleges and schools
  • Programs to enhance career education delivery
  • Growth opportunities for education professionals and leaders
  • Media and member outreach to increase awareness of the issues affecting career education

We work closely with state legislatures, government officials, and regulatory agencies to advocate for support and development of the region’s private career colleges and schools and the students who attend them. Our state director, legislative lobbyist, and proactive board of directors work to ensure that private career colleges are recognized as an essential component of higher education.

The NWCCI helps career colleges and schools achieve continuing educational excellence. Here’s a summary of how we help.

Our priorities

We are dedicated to promoting career education through:

  • Enhancing awareness, understanding, and responsiveness among the leadership of the membership to state and federal initiatives affecting career colleges
  • Delivering critical information to members and key target audiences
  • Providing opportunity to strengthen educational performance and market demand for graduates by offering professional training programs and resources
  • Promoting private career colleges as vital partners in providing educational and career opportunities for a highly competitive economy

Our activities

We pursue our mission through strategic action in these five areas:

  • Governmental affairs. Our members work with the association’s state director and chief lobbyist to proactively advance legislation and regulations favorable to career education. We also build positive working relationships with legislative leaders and regulatory officials, keeping our membership informed of our positions, approaches, and progress.
  • Member communications. Our board of directors facilitates dialogue between member schools through regular meetings and communication options. We provide members with critical information that keeps them informed on important issues vital to education.
  • Awareness building. We raise the awareness of career colleges’ importance within the regional economy and promote the positive impact of the education attained at our member colleges to key government officials, educational leadership, and the business community.
  • Professional development. We offer growth opportunities for member school staff, administration, and faculty, recognizing that life-long learning is essential. Our highly regarded continuing education programs are necessary in these dynamic times of change.
  • Strategic planning. The Board sets NWCCI’s future direction by listening to its members. Based on their needs, we develop programs and services that add value and improve quality for all our members.

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